Saturday, February 20




Friday, February 19

Dreaming of summer...

I am officially dreaming of summer days, where I can wear a tank top and flip flops, lounge on a beautiful beach, and read a good book. Since it is only February, my fantasy is a bit far-fetched. But I am counting down the days till June, when not only is it my favorite time of the year (my birthday is in July), but it is a time when I do not have to think about any schoolwork. I can focus on reading whatever I want without feeling guilty about it. So, in preparation for this lovely time of year, and yes, I know it is four months away, I have begun my Summer Reading List. A compilation of all the books that I have heard about, read about, seen, or been recommended to me, that unfortunately, I do not have the time to read right now. So here is the beginning of this very important list, that I will be adding to throughout this semester. I will also tell you where I heard about each one, which may help with your own reading adventures.

Sarah’s Key- Tatiana de Rosnay
The Forest of Hands and Teeth- Carrie Ryan

*I read about both of these books on an online college blog called
College Candy, where there is a series called "Saturday Read." These reviews are very thorough and cover a bunch of different genres each week. Check it out!

True Blood series- Charlaine Harris

*I am assuming that everyone has read, or at the very least, heard of the
Twilight series. They are the best books, love story, yay vampires, blah blah blah. Yeah, I know they are good. But I think the fad has gone too far, especially as a fan of the books before anyone read them, and when someone asked what you were reading and you said it was about vampires, you received a strange look. Ok no more Twilight rant. So apparently before Twilight ruled the teen world, Charlaine Harris wrote a series of books called True Blood. There is a television show based on these books, although I have never seen it. A friend recommended these books to me, and said that she couldn't put them down. So why not?

An Abundance of Katherines- John Green
Looking for Alaska- John Green

*I reviewed
Paper Towns by John Green a couple months ago, and then saw these two books pop up while I was skimming through Amazon. His other book was good, so I figured I would try these out too. If I like one of a particular author's books, I will usually try out the rest of his/her collection. Typically, when one is good, the others that he or she have written are on the same level. This is not true for every author, but it is worth a try.

I will add more when I stumble on one that is worthy of this very memorable list. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 2

No time for recreational reading until May...

Winter break is over. Done. And now, the spring semester has fully begun, ready to overwhelm me with a whirlwind of reading, essays, projects along with club meetings and work. I barely have time to have a social life, let alone read for fun. So, it is necessary, and unfortunate, that I must take a hiatus, a vacation if you will, that is so not like a vacation, from recreational reading. Instead, I will be exploring the minds of Shakespeare, Sci Fi writers, and American Lit authors. About three books a week is about all the reading I can handle, and I love to read. So, it is time to say goodbye to late night mysteries and traumatic tearjerkers, and focus on the work of the Bard. I will attempt to update the blog world of my current academic reading, but as my workload is quite heavy, I am not promising anything. Which is fine, since I know only about four people are reading this, and that is quite okay.

P.S. I just saw the Lovely Bones, and for those of you who wanted to read it, the movie was just as unsatisfying as the book, at least in my opinion. But, the theatrical and dramatic effects were brilliant, and really made the story and Susie's perception of heaven real and mystical. So I would check it out if I were you :]