Friday, April 30


Some pictures from Washington, DC :]

I used to be broken
Into tiny fragments,
A devastated and tragic existence.
But then, the people in white stole the part of me
That oozed and bled droplets of my spirit,
So that I became whole again.
I am fixed now, but sometimes,
I miss those broken pieces
That once defined me.
Search and find the new, healed girl.

Thursday, April 29

Flowers bleeding in the noiseless wind,
Tree tops reaching, reaching for the flawless, clear cerulean sky
Dotted with joyful lights and bright dreams
Of summer days- cartwheels in the dandelions and jumping in the sandy ocean-
Filled with oyster shells and lobster claws
Scraping and scratching my skin-
Seashell cuts and explosive waves.
Fall comes, and rips my heart- blood drips, drips to the crumpled leaves.
They hurt and push my soul out, until the snowflakes come, wash me away,
And I am empty- then spring appears and fills me again,
With tulips and daisies- shattered.

Tuesday, April 27

Another one...

Awakening Moon

April showers bring May flowers,
Chant the crickets in the budding spring,
But when the night becomes
Deep dark
In this fifth month
The black, empty canvas is brightened-
By the Awakening Moon.
It ignites the sky
Shooting glances at Virgo and Saturn.
This Flower Moon willows its petals towards the heavens;
It is the Seed Moon that grows into fragrant ciaos-
A world of Ginsberg- of lies, horrors, and tragedy-
This full moon relics in the misfortune of its subjects.
April moon awakens the demon in all of us,
As it shines, shines, shines, in the
I miss this blog! So I am going to start writing in it again. The summer reading will commence next week, as this semester comes to an end. And life will be happy and fun again :]

For now, a poem that I wrote. I blame Katie. She has been talking about writing too much :]

Forgotten, frozen feelings,
Tucked away in
Unreachable Places
Smoldering deliberately
Shades of
That cannot escape the high violet mountains of my mind
Where birds swirl
And trees curl.
A place that cannot be reached-no, no one
Can discover its depths,
But in my fantasies, I travel there,
To see the birds and the trees
That only exist
When I dance in dreams.