Tuesday, April 27

I miss this blog! So I am going to start writing in it again. The summer reading will commence next week, as this semester comes to an end. And life will be happy and fun again :]

For now, a poem that I wrote. I blame Katie. She has been talking about writing too much :]

Forgotten, frozen feelings,
Tucked away in
Unreachable Places
Smoldering deliberately
Shades of
That cannot escape the high violet mountains of my mind
Where birds swirl
And trees curl.
A place that cannot be reached-no, no one
Can discover its depths,
But in my fantasies, I travel there,
To see the birds and the trees
That only exist
When I dance in dreams.


laura217 said...

you wrote that? holy crap Karissa. I don't even know what to say. lol

Judi said...

Lovely poem Karissa! I am very impressed.