Tuesday, April 27

Another one...

Awakening Moon

April showers bring May flowers,
Chant the crickets in the budding spring,
But when the night becomes
Deep dark
In this fifth month
The black, empty canvas is brightened-
By the Awakening Moon.
It ignites the sky
Shooting glances at Virgo and Saturn.
This Flower Moon willows its petals towards the heavens;
It is the Seed Moon that grows into fragrant ciaos-
A world of Ginsberg- of lies, horrors, and tragedy-
This full moon relics in the misfortune of its subjects.
April moon awakens the demon in all of us,
As it shines, shines, shines, in the

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laura217 said...

again.. wow. I didn't know you were such an amazing poet. I'm wicked jealous. lol. keep writing!

It's funny because I could see the moon from my window when I was lying in bed last night, and I was like 'hmm I want to write about the moon.' but i was too tired to get up. lol