Wednesday, December 16

Goodbye finals :]

My finals are completed! I am just so excited! And all of my work is done. I can't believe that I did it all. I started going back to school two weeks ago. And I finished all of the work that I missed, five whole weeks of work. I really didn't know that I could do it. I am just so relieved. I am pretty confident that I did good on mostly everything too. I got an A on my American Lit final, which I was really worried about, so that is just amazing. I can't wait to get my grades. So I am all done! CELEBRATE!

It is so weird to have free time now. I really don't know what to do with myself. Read? YES YES YES! Haha. I am in the middle of Harry Potter right now actually, but I am going to read Dear John very soon. I have probably read all seven of the Harry Potter books at least ten times. They are the books that I read when I am sick or really stressed. They help calm me down because I know exactly what to expect since I have read them so much. So once I am done with Harry Potter, I will read something new.

But while we are on the subject, I believe that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is one of the best books ever written. The storyline is unbelieveable and every tiny detail from the preceding novels comes together in this final chapter. I was truly upset when the books were over. And if you are one of those people who only watches the movies, you are definitely missing out. I would say that the movies capture about a third of the true magic of Harry Potter. So read them :] Even though they look huge, I promise you will not be able to put them down.

And can I just say that I just saw the trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and it is already a disappointment. No Mr. Lovegood as I can tell. I just love it when they delete characters. I am really curious how they are going to make everything make sense in this movie when they have not included the characters or plot details that are needed in order for the last book to make sense. Ron randomlly has another brother? Mudungus? Dobby who hasn't been seen since the second movie will just appear? Ahh obviously it makes me very upset.

So anyways, read Harry Potter. It is a perfect feat to complete while you are on your winter break. Dear John review coming soon.


Anonymous said...

DOBBY! I miss Dobby. that was so upsetting when they just wrote him out. you know that bothers me as well. I hope it's good. I don't know. high standards are being set. I think it might fail, lol. I need to read it again, it's been a while. but I have lots of other goals for this break as I was also telling you. so we will see. yay. I decided I like this blog. and now it reminds me of Julie & Julia because I watched that the other night, haha

elizabethm522 said...

I figured it out! WIN! thank you for your help :)

Karissa said...