Friday, January 1

Hey, 2010!

It is a new year. 2010... Crazy. I feel like was waiting to graduate in 2008 for so long that now any year after that just feels weird. But it is a new decade :]

I did not write down my New Year resolutions this year, so I will just post them here:

1. Exercise
2. Take more pictures with my family (because God knows I take enough with my friends)
3. Feel GOOD!

So that's about it. Happy New Year everyone :]

Oh, and seven days till Paris and London!


brown eggs and jam said...

Great news that all is working out and you can go on your trip! Can't wait to see pictures. Happy New Year!

Kaela said...

Ahhhhh I cant wait it doesnt feel real. I need to pack hehe. haha we do take a lot of pictures.

elizabethm522 said...

we do not take enough, what are you talking about. haha