Tuesday, May 4


There are kaleidoscope feelings
Swirling and spinning, clogging my mind
With shapes and colors.
Sapphire stars and indigo clouds sparkle,
As the radiating gold spheres glisten,
Invading the other hues with their brightness.
Red fights the joy- diamonds of passion, hatred, and violence
Disrupt and conquer the peaceful glittering thoughts
Of rainbows and sunny days. No more sun,
Just scarlet lies and wounds.


Judi said...

So how long does it take you to right a poem Karissa? It has been years (probably not since elementary school) since I wrote a poem!

Karissa said...

These are honestly just quick ones, like fifteen minutes or so? But I am not editing them or going over them at all right now. Just writing, because it is fun :]

laura217 said...

i really love this one :)