Tuesday, June 22


One of my all time favorite books, Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen, is coming out in theaters in August! I am beyond excited. I was absolutely obsessed with this book in eighth grade, and I even wrote Draanen a letter expressing my love for the characters Juli and Bryce. Basically, this short novel is about how childhood relationship could turn into something more. Juli is smitten with Bryce at first sight but he cannot stand her. But then everything changes, and Bryce flips. Their alternating voices create a unique spin on the narration of the same, hilarious events that the two experience, creating well rounded characters that you cannot help but fall in love with. When Wendelin Van Draanen answered my letter, she said-

"I've been asked by a lot of readers to please write a sequel, but I don't plan to and here's why: If I write a sequel, you'll stop pondering, 'What will Juli/Bryce do?' when what I'm hoping is that you'll apply Juli and Bryce's lessons to your own life and live out the happy ending. That may sound a bit strange, but as you enter into friendships and relationships of your own, think back on Juli and Bryce and remember what they went through. It will make it easier to do the right thing."

So if you are looking for a cute romantic comedy that takes you back to the crushes of junior high, then please read Flipped. I am definitely going to re-read before the movie comes out :]


Sarah said...

I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! It's about time they made a movie- I had no idea it was coming out, so thanks for the heads up!

Sarah said...

Question, wasn't the book set in the general present? Because the trailer seems like it was set in the 60s, which is really a great choice, but I don't remember that from the book at all.

Karissa said...

Yeah that is what I thought, but now I am not so sure. I plan on rereading the book, so I will met ya know!

Chelsea said...

I loved this book!! It broke my heart a little bit though--I only read it once, and it was probably 6 or 7 years ago, but I still remember it. I had no idea they were making a movie, that's awesome!