Wednesday, June 16

The Six Rules of Maybe

The Six Rules of Maybe

  1. Respect the power of hope and possibilities. Begin with belief. Hold on to it.
  2. If you know where you want to go, you're already halfway there. Know what you desire but, more importantly, why you desire it. Then go.
  3. Hopes and dreams and heart's desires require a clear path- get out of your own way.
  4. Place hope carefully in your own hands and in the hands of others.
  5. Persist, if necessary.
  6. That said, most importantly- know when you've reached an end. Quit, give up, do it with courage. Growing up is not failing- it's the chance to begin again.
Deb Caletti crafts a beautifully simple coming of age narrative that allows the main character, Scarlet to explore her own dreams and desires. When she stumbles upon The Six Rules of Maybe, she struggles with her constant habit of worrying and helping everyone around her. This tendency is shattered when her newly married and pregnant sister comes home unexpectedly, along with her new husband. Scarlet's world turns upside down when she realizes that she is falling for her sister's husband. The Six Rules of Maybe guide Scarlet's life that summer and help her to learn about hope and growing up.

But want without the belief you can get what you want is pointless. You have to have hope, so I let that in too. You have to. To want things and go for them and believe, even in impossible situations... Hope was what you had when you had nothing else. Hope was the perfect shiny top on the Christmas tree, the glowing halo of every wish, the endless beacon of a lighthouse bringing tormented ships home at last.

Although this is not my favorite Deb Caletti novel, she once again creates an almost Stars Hollow array of quirky characters that add humor and depth to the book. It was definitely an adequate read, but worth the time. Check out Deb Caletti's other books as well:

The Fortunes of Indigo Sky
Honey, Baby, Sweetheart
The Nature of Jade*
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*My favorites

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