Saturday, March 5


I just want to apologize for my lack of posting. School has been crazy, and I moved on campus this semester, which left me with even less time. Quick update of my life:

  • I'm a Junior now, still majoring in English and Education.
  • I'm student teaching next spring in Agawam (and I'm terrified).
  • I would prefer to go to English and Art classes instead of anything Education.
  • I work as a tutor and in the Elms library.
  • I was just hired as the Looks on Campus editor on College Fashion!
  • I live in the wellness building on campus, which is right next to the gym.
  • My roommate (Kaylee) and I work out twice a day, and our Elms Across America team is "in" Ohio. We are in second place in our age group! I elliptical five miles a day. 
  • Zumba is the most exciting form of exercise. I love it.
  • I have to apply for Grad school next year and I have no idea what I want to do (in the realm of English).
  • A boy gave me flowers last week :) They are yellow.
  • Crohn's has not disrupted my life since the fall (knock on wood). I feel incredible and alive. I can eat salad again.
  • I applied for the Crohn's and Colitis scholarship.
  • Clubs at school: Commuter Council just had an Acoustic Cafe and people actually came; Future Teachers is having an MTEL prep session after break and we are selling edu bags; Bloom, Elms College Literary Magazine is coming out in April and two of my poems were accepted.
So that's about it. I will be posting book reviews and poems this week! So check back, and have an amazing weekend :)

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brown eggs and jam said...

So exciting that you posted! I loved reading your update as I feel like I do not know what is going on with you these days!

So you already know where you are student teaching? At the high school?

You are working out twice a day! Wow I am impressed! Good for you Karissa!

So who is this boy who gave you flowers??? Hmmm?

So glad you are feeling well - I am sure the exercising is helping you.

So cool that two of your poems were selected for the Elms College Literary Magazine.

Just resting on spring break? Any fun plans?