Monday, August 9

Is the written word dead?

On my other blog- The Wheel of the World, I have created a homage honoring books and libraries, after reading a startling article about how e-books are becoming more popular than hardcovers. I urge you to check it out- click here. I think that all of you book lovers would find it extremely interesting, and very depressing as well.

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Book Lover said...

I really hope that ebooks do not take over from REAL books. I really enjoy being able to hold a book and feel it and be able to turn the pages, it just gives me a feeling of joy. I really hope paper books never go out of print and get taken over by ebooks. That will be a very sad day for me. By the way, this is Kreag from the library TAC. I made a review blog if you want to check it out. Im still trying to edit it but at least there is some stuff there.