Thursday, May 12

Let's start a Revolution

Hellooooo summer. I can finally catch up on my book reviews and my reading. Let's start with winter break...

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly. The author of A Northern Light, which is another great read. Revolution paralells the life of Andi Alphers, a depressed teen whisked to Paris by her sometimes absent father, along with Alexandrine Paradis, a young woman trapped in the chaos of the French Revolution. Their lives, decades apart, meld together in this juxtaposition of teen drama and historical fiction, with a splash of understandable time travel thrown in. Music threads these two girls' lives together as well as creates a platform on which the novel escalates. Donnelly's knowledge of French history and music of the past makes this book an even more exhilarating read.

This was one of the better books that I read in 2010. In a whirlwind of vampires and demons in the YA section lately, it was truly refreshing to visit the French Revolution for a while. This is a story of grief, self-discovery, redemption, and martyrdom that shines.

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Shaylene said...

Great review Karissa! I read this one and absolutely loved it. I agree, it's quite refreshing and Jennifer Donnelly is a great author.