Sunday, May 15

"To the person in the bell jar, blank and stopped as a dead baby, the world itself is the bad dream."

The other book that I read during winter break was The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. It was simply incredible.

This highly autobiographical novel tells the story of Esther, her internship in NYC and her downward mental spiral that follows. The text's language is flawless. Its sharp honesty details the main character's emotional turmoil and is simply an invigorating read. Plath's writing causes you to feel as if you are stuck under the bell jar along with both Esther and Sylvia- as if their depression is yours. This book reaches almost too far into your mind, connects you almost too closely with Esther's depression. It is disturbing. This chaos of the mind is so realistic, so reachable, which makes it such an irresistible novel.

This book should be read by everyone. It portrays a fearless view of mental illness. It is the bell jar. Read Sylvia Plath's poetry as well: "Daddy," "Lady Lazarus," "Ariel," "The Applicant," etc. Also, her journals are held in the archives of Smith College, which I plan to visit this summer.

"I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart:  I am, I am, I am."

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